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中山真斗(Elements Garden)
となりの怪物くん Vol. 3 特典CD 「オリジナル・サウンドトラック」

I am in love with this OST <3

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"Dango Daikazoku"

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Ahh getting angry at my bro isn’t ideal, or fun. I just raised a fuss because when I was just about to make a really nice warm hearty soup, he was like “nah I don’t want it. I’m having salad for dinner so don’t worry about me”. Clearly he doesn’t know it’s actually easier to cook in bulk but NOOOO. Also he told me he hates soup. That’s nice, but couldn’t you suck it up and just let me do a kind thing? Oh no that’s right because you don’t like people doing nice things for you so you said??


Also sisters expecting you to help them with the dishes when it’s your night off, who start bossing you around the kitchen, don’t really help either.


This is why I just had a bath and am now feeling a whole lot better, but still people need to be more considerate of others :( I’m just really tired of it all

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The beautiful animation of Noragami episode 1-6.

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— Judith Hanson Lasater

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_DSF9541 by ksavage0927 


_DSF9541 by ksavage0927 

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